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氷 Kōri Series with Sorella Chef's Knife

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☑ Dairy Ingredients

Introducing our exclusive Kori Series Bundle, complete with the exquisite Sorella Stainless Steel Cake Knife. Elevate your cake-cutting experience with this sleek and durable knife, perfectly paired with our premium Kori Series cakes. Each cake in this bundle boasts irresistible flavors and impeccable craftsmanship, making it the ideal choice for any celebration or indulgent treat.


Allergens: Milk & Dairy Product,Nuts,Fish Gelatin,Wheat

Serving Size / Weight Information

➤ Size: 6", Serving: 4-6pax

Storage Information

➤ Please keep in freezer at least 1 hour upon received.
➤ The kori lemon served frozen and no need to thaw before eating.
➤ Keep in frozen can lasts up to 7 days.


All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

Actual product may vary in size, shape, weight due to they are made by hand.