Delivery Information

Information needed for delivery purposes

  1. Recipient’s first and last name.
  2. Recipient’s full and correct address as found on Google Maps.
  3. Recipient’s full and correct contact number.
  4. Alternative phone number (buyer, etc) - will only be contacted where the recipient is unreachable regardless of whether delivery is successful or not.
  5. Buyer’s email address - to receive the order details, delivery updates, and proof of delivery. Please ensure that the email address is correct before completing the purchase.

Delivery Address

The delivery address entered needs to be exactly as found on Google Maps. Please check that the address is correct before completing the order. Orders will be delivered to the exact address that was entered into the system when placing the order.

The ‘Address’ section is where the full address as found on Google Maps is entered.

Where the delivery location is too remote or unreachable by the drivers, the driver will only deliver to the nearest car-accessible area and you are required to collect the order from the driver at that location. The delivery fees will not be refunded.

The buyer is required to check that the full, complete address is correct before proceeding with the order. A change of address is not possible once the order has been placed.

JB Delivery Area & Delivery Fees

  • Delivery services within Johor Bahru including Senai, Kulai, Pekan Nanas, Taman Mount Austin, Permas Jaya and etc. (Within 55km from our shop location). 

How To Check Your Delivery Fare?
Step 1:

Check the estimated distance between your location and our shop "Sorella Cafe" on Google Maps.
You may check with us by Whatsapp at +6011-12123528 if your delivery area is not covered.

Step 2:
Refer to the delivery list below to find out your zone. 

Zone Distance From Shop Est. Charge (RM)
Zone 6 km 0 - 6 km RM6
Zone 8 km 6 - 8 km RM9
Zone 10 km 8 - 10 km RM12
Zone 15 km 10 - 15 km RM12-RM18
Zone 20 km 15 - 20 km RM18-RM25
Zone 25 km 20 - 25 km RM25-RM30
Zone 30 km 25 - 30 km RM30-RM35
Zone 35 km 30 - 35 km RM35-RM40
Zone 40 km 35 - 40 km RM40-RM45
Zone 45 km 40 - 45 km RM45-RM50
Zone 50 km 45 - 50 km RM50-RM55
Zone 55 km 50 - 55 km RM45-RM60

The delivery fee will be auto calculated and shown at check out.

A minimum of RM40 purchase is required for delivery.

One order number applies to one delivery address under the same date and time slot.

Deliveries to multiple venues or on different dates, or at different times, even under the same customer bill, will be charged as separate deliveries under separate orders. You will be required to place the orders separately on our website.


  1. Any changes in delivery date and time if to make MUST notify and confirm with our staff using Whatsapp or call in 3 Days before scheduled delivery, in otherwise for any FAIL delivery we held no responsibilityon the cake freshness due to pro-long hours in transporting to and flow / decision to abolish shipment / dispose of without any replacement.
  2. We use regular freelance drivers who are familiar with the handling of our cakes and pay them by distance just like Grab delivery services.
  3. All deliveries will be transport via chilled delivery with using cooler bag and ice packs to keep the cake fresh.
  4. Delivering to high-rise building (apartments, condominiums, malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, office tower etc.) are not part of our delivery partner's services. The driver will pass the cake(s) to the recipient at the drop-off point or lobby ONLY
  5. We do not help to ensure that recipients are home before delivering the order. Buyers need to ensure that the recipient will be home before selecting a date and time on our website and proceeding with the order.
  6. Please make sure there will be someone who able to collect the cake within your pre-selected delivery time. There will be an additional charge to resend the order at a later time within the same day. We do not promise, nor do we take any responsibility on, the freshness of the cake(s) after that.
  7. While we try our best to arrange orders to arrive within the chosen time slot, Sorella Cafe will not be held responsible for any early arrivals or delays of delivery due to any of the reasons above or because of any circumstances impacting the availability of the 3rd party drivers we use and anything else outside of our control.

    Please opt for self-pickup or select an available earlier/later time slot if you cannot risk the items arriving earlier or later than a chosen time frame.